Millfield School 
living history day

Getting up close and personal with a Gentle Giant of the Fens


As part of the Horseman's Word project, pupils from Millfield school in Littleport enjoyed a living history day at Green Farm, Prickwillow


The children arrived ready for work (1910-style) in their ploughing costumes. Then there was a chance to meet two patient Shire horses, Beau and Zebedee. Their proud owner Mr Roger Macey demonstrated ploughing techniques and explained the importance of the role of the working horse, in the past and in the present day.


It was an action-packed day,with songs and stories about the old horsemen from local historian Mike Rouse, and folklorist and musician, John Crow.


One of Field Theatre Group's community artists, Jennifer Stevens, helped the children to create straw plaited 'favours' ... little gifts presented by ploughmen to their sweethearts.


Pupils and staff also enjoyed a 'Feast of Fenland' tasting experience with Ely Museum's education officer, Sally Austin. Sally explained how various fenland crops are grown, and the children sampled the local produce.


Then it was back out into the fields for 'dockey time' (lunch). The pupils sampled a simple ploughman's lunch of bread, cheese, apples and onions ... all cheerfully eaten out in the fresh air. 


Finally, all comers were quizzed about what they had learned by Mike Rouse (as the Old Horseman.) Mike then inducted them all into the

Horseman's Club.  

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